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Pyrocarving will allow more delicate cutting of gourds than standard metal tools. when using pyrography tools for carving, since the heat will do most of the work .
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A job offer in Charleston--from his sister, Bad Boy Seduction. Troy Morgan is at the top of his game in this sexy tale of love, Groomed for success, gorgeous Gabriella Stone is now a Black Diamond Destiny. Take into account that your pen or pencil is not producing heat. Your hand gets a workout trying to burn when its higher off the material.

The handle of the cheap burners are fairly thick and have a metal heat dissipating ring between the handle and the metal tip shaft don't touch this ring or the shaft because they are freaking hot. The burning pens are thinner like a fat pencil. They have a metal handle but you can buy foam handle covers for. The cheap burners have limited number of tips nibs around 10 to 15, you can modify these brass tips with a metal file so you have some custom tips.

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The expensive burners you can order a multitude of tips from skinny, fat, shading, knife blade, there are so many to choose from. In conclusion, depending on if you really like Pyrography invest in a nice burning system. If your just burning a few lines here and there then a cheap burner is the way to go.

Oz If your just cleaning a clean gourd mix a tablespoon of bleach into 2 quarts of water and wipe the gourd off with a clean rag dipped in the bleach solution. If your cleaning a uncleaned gourd fill a large 5 gallon bucket with water and add 1 cup of bleach.

We Had No Idea Birdhouse Gourds Would Grow So Well!

Scrub the gourd with a METAL scouring pad to remove all the mold underwater, the water will trap the mold spores so they are not floating in the air. When done scrubbing the gourd rinse with clean water and let dry outside. The other metals have more of a tendency to leave scratches behind. It is thought that the bleach if left on, will in time make the gourd shells weaker especially the thinner shells and possibly hasten color fading. Jim Martin adds: When cleaning your gourds, don't place them in the sun to dry after washing.

On a thick-shelled gourd, the air and moisture inside the gourd can expand and cause the gourd to crack being as the air can't escape very fast. Not usually as much of a problem with thin shelled gourds. Wearing rubber gloves is a good idea too. Let the gourds soak for 15 minutes or so, gourds float so place a wet towel over the top of the gourds to keep them uniformly wet or you will be able to clean one side and then have to wait for the other side to soften up to be cleaned. Shari Morley's husband Max adds: thought I'd share one way she cleans the gourds. After they have dried she uses our short wand power washer to blast the dried skin off the shell.

Scrubbing after that is minimal and the skins dry and bows away from the washing area. Gourd Info. Gourd Patches. Gourd Sightings. All Rights Reserved. Got Questions? Get Answers! Question : What does Acid Free mean? Answer : Oz Acid Free refers to paper and other items that do not contain acids.

How to Clean a Hardshell Gourd

Antiquing To antique something is to make it appear aged, most commonly done using inks. Accent Beads Accent beads are tiny beads to add depth and dimension to your work, fixed on with glue, also known as bitty beads or micro beads. Altered This is taking a normal product such as a book, domino, CD etc, and changing it by adding paint, stamped images, and embellishments etc. Beadazzles A brand name of embellishments that are a mixture of tiny microbeads and foil discs in various shades, attached with clear-drying glue, or tacky tape.

They add depth and dimension to a project. Beadlings These are little shapes, flowers, animals, people etc that are made from knitting together tiny beads and wire to form the shapes, which can then be used as embellishments. Beads Come in hundreds of shapes sizes and colors, can be used to create beadlings see above , jewelery or can be used as embellishments for your craft projects.

Bleach Household bleach, when used carefully, can create beautiful pieces of artwork. Blending Often with inks or chalks, blending is the technique used to mix two colors together. Business License Question : Is there a requirement to have a business license to sell gourds on line or else where? Bur or Bit Cleaning Question : I was trying to work on a gourd today using several cutting bits on my Dremel.


Within a short period of time, they became gummed up. Why is this happening and what can I do about it? If you know your bur is relatively new and not likely to be dull, then the cause is often a dirty or clogged bur. The easiest way to clean all types of burs is to get a small jar baby food size is fine and fill it with enough acetone to cover the bur cutting heads.

Let the burs soak for a while, the acetone won't hurt them. This will loosen the resins that are clogging the cutting surfaces. After the burs are removed from the acetone, simply scrub them off with a toothbrush shaped brass brush. This should eliminate the majority of the debris. You can re-submerge and repeat if necessary. Carbide burs are much tougher and in a pinch they can even be flamed with a small propane torch to burn off the residue. Use caution when using this method; flame the bur while it is chucked into your tool, don't attempt to hold it with pliers or your fingers!!!

Do NOT try this on steel burs. They will lose their temper and will not hold a sharp edge. If you are cleaning a mandrel mounted carbide bur, you must remove the small fiber washer before using the torch cleaning method.

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Cutting Mat For use with a craft knife, a crafter's cutting mat will protect your surfaces from cut marks. The self-healing properties of a good quality cutting mat allow them to last a long time, before finally falling apart. Clay There are many types of craft clays, which can be used for making embellishments, models etc. There are many moulds on the market that make it very easy to create intricate embellishments in very little time. Some clays like Fimo have to be baked to harden off, others like Makins clay will air dry. Both are great to work with. Credit Card Although not a craft item, old ones can be used as glue spreaders and without new ones, how many of us would really be able to carry on creating our masterpieces?!

Crafters Block This is the time when you find yourself just staring at your craft materials with not a single idea in your head of what to create. Use for threading beads, creating beadlings, or make it into shapes to embellish your craft projects. Charms In paper crafting terms, charms are usually metal or metal-effect and come in thousands of designs.

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They are usually attached to your craft projects with wire, thread, eyelets or brads. Collage A style which is often 'busy' with lots of mix and match images or materials within one project. Couch A primer coat or layer, as of paint. To embroider by laying thread flat on a surface and fastening it by stitches at regular intervals. Candle Gourd Question : I am trying to make a "candle gourd". The gourd is dry, I sawed it in two, cleaned out the inner lining and filled it with soy wax. Everything seemed to be fine until the next morning when I seen the wax had cracked!

Can you give me any ideas on how to make a gourd candle? Should I be using bees wax or paraffin? Does the inside need to be brushed with something before you add the wax?

Hot Gourds

Answer : Alana Riveira — Gourds are flammable and will smolder for hours until they are nothing. I have seen this happen Using the wax method you are taking a chance that the wax may or may not be covering ALL of the gourds insides. If a breach in the wax happens the meat of the gourd will wick the oil into itself and could possibly make the whole gourd a potentially dangerous candle.

Or, if it is a larger gourd, then a Candle Glass insert that is shaped like a drinking glass can be used to hold a tea candle, make sure it is taller than the rim of the gourd or flares to rest on the opening of the hole. Either way, the gourd needs to be stabilized so it will not accidentally get knocked over. Other paints may release toxic odors.

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  4. Carving Question : How do I hold a gourd still when trying to carve on it? Answer : Oz There are a couple ways. Answer : Tom Bloore, Illinois I found using those rubber finger tips work great to grip on the smooth round surface of a gourd. I use them when ever tools are used, gives me a safe hold on the work piece.

    Found rubber finger tips at the office supply store. Answer : Patty B Several years ago A. Amis, who is a master carver, selected two chip carving tools for me. He felt they were sufficient for a novice carver.