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Inspector Faro's Casebook book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Contains the first 3 books in the Inspector Faro Mystery seriess.
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The Emerald Casket Archer Legacy 2: Kids; After they learn that Gerald's family has been protecting a secret for centuries - concerning nothing less than the fate of the world - Gerald and his friends are off to India to try and find out the truth. The Man Who Killed Montreal, Mick is down on his luck when an old pal offers him a loaded revolver, and a job riding shotgun in a truck running booze across the border.

Inspector Faro Series

Mick takes the job - and his problems begin. Through his old friend Jack, Mick falls deeper into the life of a small-time tough. Nights of Awe Ariel Kafka 1: Inspector Kafka - one of two Jewish policemen in Finland - investigates when 2 Arabs are killed near Helsinki, and 2 more bodies are discovered at an Iraqi-owned garage. With an Israeli minister planning an unofficial visit, the Finnish Security Police and Mossad have roles to play, and Kafka finds himself on a trail that leads back to his youth. Her father, a renowned physician, has brought her into this all-male profession.

When he disappears, Gabriella is no longer permitted to treat her patients, women who need her desperately, without his patronage.

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She sets out across Europe to find where - and why - he has gone, following clues from his occasional enigmatic letters. What happened to the father and child who live in it? When he learns that the peddler's child may have witnessed a murder, he follows the girl's trail. Frustrated by the apathy of the police, he realizes that to save the child, he will have to transform a telephonic system he's been working on into a trap to catch a killer. When the Devil Drives Liberty Lane 4: London, Rumors spread about the devil's chariot, which preys on young women walking alone at night.

When a young man begs investigator Liberty Lane to find his missing fiancee, she suspects there is a more prosaic explanation. Meanwhile, she is engaged to help prevent a royal scandal involving Prince Ernest. But when young women begin showing up dead, the tales of the devil's chariot don't seem so ridiculous.

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The landowner wants the case handled quietly, but the policeman realizes that the corpse, a supposed vagrant, is wearing a Savile Row suit. DI Pyke has been investigating a kidnapping in Wales that seems to be linked to a group of rebels. What are the links between the rebellion in Wales and the unrest in Ireland? Another Time, Another Life Fall of the Welfare State 2: A corrupt superior insists that the stabbing death of a civil servant be swept under the rug. Another ten years pass before the truth is unearthed - the dead man was a collaborator in the takeover of the West German embassy in Stockholm.

The identities of the other collaborators are revealed, as well as the killer: a lawyer who is a heartbeat away from the top position in the Ministry of Defense. The Dead Sea Cipher Reissue; When a man is murdered during a fight in the hotel room next to hers, people seem to think Dinah might have overheard something - and she begins to suspect that the other members of her Holy Land tour group may be more than innocent tourists.

The dead man was an expert on the Dead Sea scrolls - and a brochure with cryptic notations he left behind might be the clue to a previously undiscovered cache.

Killing Cousins: An Inspector Faro Mystery

Devil May Care Reissue; House-sitting for her aunt Kate should have been relaxing - just take care of a couple dozen pets, do some reading, maybe work on some of Kate's many half-finished projects. Instead Ellie's been seeing ghosts, apparently linked to old scandals. But are they apparitions? Or is someone playing pranks to embarrass prominent locals?

And how are they connected to the rare old book, a history of the county, that Ellie brought Kate? But while she's there, she means to discover the truth behind her archaeologist father's disgrace and death. And her quest to clear her father's name just might get her killed.

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Legend in Green Velvet Reissue; In Scotland to work on an archaeological dig, Susan's side trip to Edinburgh is more exciting than she planned. First an eccentric old man slips a cryptic note into her purse, then someone ransacks her hotel room to steal it back. When the old man is murdered, Susan ends up on the run in the Highlands with James Erskine. They're wanted by the police - but there's someone much more dangerous on their trail. Mahu Blood Kimo Kanapa 5: Openly gay Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka investigates a series of murders that threatens his own family as well as the citizens he struggles to protect.

Hunter Roswell thought she had left her past behind, until a serial killer connected to her past begins stalking her. Sara Wilder, a psychologist and former FBI profiler, is brought in to help Hunter unravel the connection between her past and a ruthless killer. But as the search for the killer intensifies, both women find themselves struggling with an unexpected and undeniably mutual attraction. Third Degree Dr. Barnabas 2: Reissue; When a severed leg is found on the banks of the Thames, forensic pathologist Dr.

Barnabas is summoned to the scene. But with no sign of the rest of the body, she cannot say how the man died. Her next case is a terribly burned woman - and the fireman thinks the fire started in the body itself. Are the two cases connected? A Case of Witchcraft A tale of witchcraft in the Northern Isles, in which some long-concealed secrets are revealed concerning not only the Dark Arts, but also the Great Detective himself. To Dream of the Dead After DI Francis Bliss links a grisly Hereford murder to the campaign to preserve an ancient ritual site, he's sidelined by his boss.

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What's going on? In the village of Ledwardine, Merrily Watkins stands between an extreme fundamentalist Christian and an atheist writer.

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Tensions are rising, and so is the river. Soon the village will be isolated by floods - cut off with a killer at large. When one of his treasure carts is intercepted, and the guards and horses brutally butchered, Libertus is suspected of involvement in the massacre, and marched to the garrison to await trial. After a daring escape, he embarks on a dangerous quest to discover the truth.

The Case of the Russian Chessboard Novella; A desperate young woman arrives at Baker Street, terrified about what may be going on inside a secretive London refuge for Russian exiles, where her sister works. When an Eastern European war criminal turns up dead in Calgary, Lane must contend with dangerous criminals, a determined bomber - and the very real fear of losing his life partner Arthur to cancer.

There he's asked to investigate a murder whose trail leads through cannabis commerce, religion, and a Russian casino syndicate. On his return to Bristol, a murder and a series of robberies eventually lead him to discover a treasure that was stolen from the abbey on the night he was there.

Novels of Nineteenth Century Europe

When Uncle Drake mysteriously disappears, Homer inherits two things: a lazy, droopy dog with no sense of smell, and a mystery. But an unexpected opponent challenges Homer's spot. They are tasked with a quest, and only the one who solves the clues and reaches the treasure first will be given membership. The Collaborator When a daughter of one of the Sicilian Mafia clans agrees to collaborate with justice, Carabinieri investigator Mario Castrolami knows she is setting in motion a terrifying series of events.

Tunnel Vision YA; Pushed into the witness protection program after witnessing a crime she didn't know she saw, Liza's worst fear is realized when she is recognized. With a would-be killer still on her trail, all Liza and her dad can do is keep running. Lady, Go Die! Mike Hammer: Spillane's lost s novel, completed by Collins and never before published. Hammer and Velda take a vacation at a Long Island beach town; a New York party girl who lives nearby has gone missing.

When she turns up naked and dead on a statue in the town square, Hammer investigates. He is investigating year-old Maddy Clare, who is haunting the barn where she committed suicide. Since Maddy hated men, Sarah confronts her - but the ghost is angry, and very powerful.

It's up to Sarah and Alistair's assistant Matthew to discover who Maddy was, where she came from, and why she's so angry, before she destroys them all. He was about to interview a dance teacher, a former Russian ballet star with dark secrets in her past. The investigation uncovers a ring of shady pawnbrokers, crooked cops, and Russian thugs, all searching for a ruby once owned by the Tsarina.

The crime bears a chilling similarity to a pair of killings at the nearby campus where his friend Cheryl Beth Wilson teaches. The two team up to stop a sadistic predator before he kills again. Deception in the Cotswolds Thea Osborne Thea is house-sitting for reptile breeder Harriet Young in the secluded village of Cranham; bucolic charm gives way to family intrigue, deception, suicide, and murder.

Malice in the Cotswolds Thea Osborne When a house-sitting assignment takes Thea and her dog to an isolated village, Thea finds herself ill at ease. Her intuition is proved right when a local boy is found strangled. His mother becomes the prime suspect, but Thea believes in her innocence, and investigates.

A mysterious off-key A on the Schumanns' piano leads to one of the more interesting cases that Inspector Preiss, Dusseldorf's top detective, has tackled. Harbor Nocturne In the southernmost Los Angeles district of San Pedro, one of the world's busiest harbors, an unlikely pair of lovers - a longshoreman and a Mexican dancer - are unwittingly caught between the two warring sides of the law.

Soon Jack is up to his neck in bikers, Mexican gangs, and a giant pet wild Razorback hog named Ole Big, who may offer a major clue to finding the missing girl. The Philosopher Prince Drusus 2: AD Charged with treason by the emperor's agent, Drusus and Marcellus must face the might of the corrupt Roman state, with the young prince Julian as their only ally. From one end of the empire to the other, they set themselves against forces determined to crush them.

While he tries to make heads or tails of falling from the sky onto another young mouse named Tibby Rose, Alex and Alice set off to find their missing brother.